There are three responses to a piece of design – yes, no and wow!
Wow is what I am known for.

There are three responses to a piece of design - yes, no and wow!
Wow is what I am known for.

There are three responses to a piece of design - yes, no and wow! Wow is what I am known for.

Eclipse is an amazing team to work with! We are so happy that we have the privilege to know Christina and Erich and they have held our hands so many times. I cannot thank them enough. I can honestly say that our business would not be where it is today without Eclipse Marketing and its team. Their professionalism, knowledge and humanity are absolutely applaudable!


Heine Bunge
Her Heiness


I’m going through the website, and wow. Well done. You’ve done such an amazing job. You’ve really brought it together nicely, I know that’s not easy. I’m super impressed – as I was going through it, my wife asked me why I was smiling. I said, “Because the website I’m looking at is so cool.


Giles Lord

Christina assisted us with website design and development. Christina is very knowledgeable and professional and we received really good client service throughout. We are very happy with the end product, which was completed on time and within budget, and I hope to collaborate again in the near future.


Zibbie Mclachlan
Grindstone Advertising

Thank you to Christina and Erich from Eclipse Digital Marketing Agency. They are always on hand to assist no matter how big or small your request is. I have a small online business and it was so refreshing to speak to someone who understands your business needs and takes your vision and creates a website that is specifically tailored to your product or service needs.


Ana Dos Santos
Gift Genie


Christina rendered my practice an amazing service through talented and creative website design as well as aftercare service on website maintenance and marketing. Christina is highly recommended for her professionalism, affordable rates and up class service – perfect for any business.


Dr Marelie Steenekamp
Milnerton Paediatrician Practice

It has been a pleasure working with Christina from Eclipse Digital Marketing Agency. We started with one campaign, and due to the success of the 1st, we had a second follow-up campaign. We loved the constant feedback and updates which we received.


Celma Brummer
Elmi College

We needed an eCommerce site built in multiple languages and currencies. Christina surpassed our expectations in every aspect, copywriting, visuals, functionality, project management and the delivery of a fully functioning website on time. A great pleasure working with a true professional. I would highly recommend Christina.


Keith Kirby
Robosol by NatureSafe


Christina was amazing to work with. She delivered on time, communicated extremely well and made an extra effort to make sure everything was explained clearly so that our team had a good understanding of how our site was working. We are very appreciative of her hard work and expertise.


Flora Fontes
Future Females

Christina is such a pleasure to work with. Her work ethic is exactly what our company needed and communication is always open and transparent. Something rare to find these days. Without her, we would have been lost at times, however, she’s been a guiding light. Thank you for the wonderful relationship!


Manuella Penev


Christina’s talent not only lies in her technical expertise as a WordPress developer but also in her creative insight that breathes life into every project she tackles. Her dedication and skill have undoubtedly elevated our brand to new heights. Working with Christina is a testament to collaboration at its finest, where intricacies are not just understood but crafted into digital brilliance. Kudos to Christina for bringing our vision to reality in the digital realm!


Ruan du Plessis

I have had the privilege of working with Christina on several web development projects recently and have always found her a pleasure to work with! Efficient, friendly, knowledgeable and a team player, are just a few of the ways I’d describe this talented woman. If you’re looking to have a new website created, I would highly recommend working with Christina.


Sara Noone
Hard Refresh 

As a marketing consultant, I’m always looking for designers to help with various jobs I have going on and working with Christina was really easy. She is thorough, super organised, and meets deadlines perfectly. Her design and web development abilities helped my client surpass their competitors and get noticed in their niche.


Marlon August
Marketing Consultant,
story advantage


Christina offers skilled insights into the digital marketing realm, she is utterly professional and an absolute pleasure to work with. I would highly recommend her services to any business or client. The level of information, organisation and support is phenomenal.


Michelle Luyt
DMN Creative

Christina has created a fantastic website for Recova. She is always an absolute pleasure to work with, fast and efficient. She has extensive knowledge of Google Analytics, and we can highly recommend Christina for any web design and development project – big or small.


Lascha Daly

Christina’s work is of the highest quality, and I can highly recommend her for your professional and business website design and development needs.


Ken Sutherland
Complete Web Solutions


We use Eclipse Digital Marketing for all of our web development. Christina and Erich are super professional, well organised and above all extremely helpful and approachable. We highly recommend them.


Dino Peros
Navy Creative

It’s been a pleasure dealing with Eclipse  Digital Marketing Agency. They are very gifted and professional designers. I’d highly recommend them to anyone needing work done on their websites.


Michael Coleman
coleman insurance

Christina is very professional and goes out of her way to offer exceptional customer service. I highly recommend her to transform any business’ digital footprint.


Dr V Naidoo
Aesthetic Dental Institute


For me, 5 stars is not even enough to describe the outstanding service Eclipse Marketing has supplied me. Christina is a perfectionist and all projects I’ve worked with her on have been a streamlined process and all turned out with pure success. Her quality of work, timely delivery, client care and organisational skills are exemplary. I will always recommend Eclipse Marketing!!


carmen Lotz
Carmen Creative

Thank you Christina for your help in revamping my website. I appreciated your attention to detail and the step-by-step feedback you provided throughout the creative process. I would highly recommend Christina because of how thorough and well planned her execution style is.


Silas Lekgoathi
Just Silas


Christina’s work ethic is truly outstanding, consistently exceeding expectations and delivering results with finesse. Her design skills are a testament to her creative prowess, blending innovation and functionality seamlessly. In every interaction, Christina’s professional communication shines through – clear, concise, and always timely. Working with Christina has been a pleasure, and her dedication to excellence is a valuable asset to any project. Looking forward to more collaborations with this exceptional freelancer!


Eleni Georgiou
GaiaGlow Studios

Christina was amazing to work with. She delivered on time, communicated extremely well and made an extra effort to make sure everything was explained clearly so that our team had a good understanding of how our site was working. We are very appreciative of her hard work and expertise.


Flora Fontes
Future Females

Christina, you have exceeded our greatest expectations! Your workmanship is unbelievable and you know exactly what your clients want! By far the best investment we’ve made for Olli and Rose. Thank you for your constant follow up and communication! We would recommend you a thousand times!


Yolandi Roos
Olli and Rose


Christina has designed and developed two websites for me – both of which are very different and loved by users.


Grigor Stewart
Selling your TV Show

Christina is light on her feet and never misses a beat. With a quick turn of the head and a dive through a phone, she keeps the Wilderer Distillery website in tip-top condition. She is a true master of her craft and an asset to the team.


Johan Mönnig
Wilderer Distillery

Eclipse Marketing is a one-stop solution for digital marketing tools and guidance that deliver what they promise and on time. A pleasure to work with!


Lucas greyling


Eclipse Digital Marketing set the bar extremely high when it comes to attention to detail, creativity and amazing customer service. Not only are Christina and Erich extremely well versed in the ever-changing digital marketing landscape, but they also deliver results with precision, dedication, professionalism and flexibility. Thank you for always bringing your A-Game. We just love, love, love working with you! To infinity and beyond.


Manni Ferreira
Her Heiness

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