Aesthetic Dental Institute

Aesthetic Dental Institute offers high-end patients procedures such as teeth whitening, dental implants and crowns. Aesthetically im proved smiles are a large part of their practice as it gives their patients the confidence they deserve.

Industry: Healthcare               Location: South Africa               Website: www.aestheticdentalinstitute.co.za

Industry: Healthcare
Location: South Africa
Website: www.aestheticdentalinstitute.co.za



The challenge

The website had an initial launch goal of capturing 200 new site visitors per day, but it did not reach the goal. After spending a large chunk of change launching the new website with another agency, the client did not get the website traffic he expected. He approached me to find out why and to come up with a solution to attract the attention of his target market.



The solution

I took a deeper dive into the site architecture to better optimise each page for SEO. I started by conducting a full audit of the website’s code structure and on-page technical elements. Following the audit, I reviewed and revised all content on the site, making sure that it was fully optimised from a keyword standpoint, as well as providing an overall experience on par with industry standards. The result was that the website began to rank in Google for a wider range of search terms, driving up traffic. Through constant site optimisation, the website’s average monthly search volume increased by 16%, while organic traffic rose by 32%.


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Like what you see?
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