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The heart was to create a site that would push the norm of web design and make users sit up and pay attention to the RoboSol brand. The client gave us creative freedom to push boundaries and utilise all their digital assets to make this piece shine.

> Client: RoboSol (Croatia, Germany and South Africa)

> Services: Copywriting, Web design, Web eCommerce development and SEO

RoboSol is with passion for the environment, our heart was to take a nod to that while creating an eCommerce website that showcased their products and made the online shopping experience innovative, fresh and easy for the site visitor. Customised imagery, well written copy and stylised videography was introduced into the website to demonstrate and showcase the products and establish the client’s expertise.


From concept to creation, the idea was clear from day one. Inspirations were pulled together, concepts developed and workshopped. Creative direction, asset preparation, UI/UX layout, custom development to final deploy. Highlighting the quality and sophistication of RoboSol’s products was a transformative process that granted us the opportunity to explore a new dimension of movement and award-winning standard of design and development.

Built with our unique theme builder framework which ensures the relevant analytics goals and conversion data is captured across the site, we were able to take the copy we had written to new heights.

Once the design was completed, the work started to create the multi-lingual website to cater for users across geographical borders. Using the combination of UI and UX best practice, we were able to create uniquely tailored websites that were fully search engine optimised for each region while creating an eCommerce platform that is both visually striking and easy to use for potential clients, irrespective of language and geographical constraints.

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