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Just Silas
Just Silas shares his voice-over skills with a redesigned website that showcases his talent for adding his voice with global brands - because each brand deserves the deep "Just Silas" voice.

> Client: Just Silas (South Africa)

> Services: Web design, Web development and Branding

Silas Lekgoathi is a renowned South African voice over artist based in Johannesburg. Using his background in Fine Arts and more than 5+ years industry experience, he offers a professional understanding of the client’s expectations while offering his unique tone and rich voice to brands like FNB, Burger King, Renault and the like.

Without a strong accent, his voice is extremely versatile and suitable for a variety of projects and brands, especially as his voice ranges from deep, friendly to conversational and entertaining.


Branding: As a brand designer, I was tasked with creating something that was lighthearted and immediately communicating what the client does without having the need for frivolous design or context. I worked together with the client to realise the final logo, which was inspired by an old-school microphone. The end result was simple perfection, with the microphone graphic on the top and custom-designed font below.

Website: sAs to the redesign of the website, I took my cues from the new logo and created a dynamic and user-friendly portfolio website that showcased the client’s unique voice. To help increase conversion, I embedded soundbites and videos where users could download sound clips and view the client at his best and doing what he loves – sharing his warm and hearty voice to brands, far and wide.

The website was fully tested to ensure mobile usability and it was SEO and performance optimised to minimise loading times and maximise visibility worldwide.

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