Future Females

Future Females is a movement to inspire more female entrepreneurs, and better support their success. They provide a platform digitally, physically and emotionally where women can connect, inspire and collaborate with each other.

Industry: Professional Services              Location: South Africa and England               Website: www.futurefemales.co

Industry: Professional Services
Location: South Africa and England
Website: www.futurefemales.co

Industry: Landscaping
Location: South Africa
Website: www.capecontours.co.za



The challenge

With more and more glitches happening with the LMS (Learning Management System) on their WordPress website, like their students being unable to complete training courses, obtain completion certificates or even make online payments, Future Females reached out for help. Not knowing what was wrong, they asked me to troubleshoot the website and get it running smoothly again.



The solution

To help keep the website running as smooth as the day it was launched, the client insisted that I maintain its infrastructure. This meant that I would have to keep everything up-to-date and running smoothly. This included the frontend (the actual website), the backend (the server itself), and the database. I was looking to build a better system and make the website more efficient with this client. This is where my passion for programming comes from. It’s that constant need to optimise, to create the best LMS possible, no matter how small or large it is.


Like what you see?
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Like what you see?
Let's get started.

Like what you see? Let's get started.

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