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Selling your TV Show

Television professional Grigor Steward’s approach to selling TV shows is practical and powerful. This is why he has put together a helpful online course called “Selling Your TV Show” that helps aspiring film students excel within the South African film industry.

Industry: Online Retail             Location: South Africa               Website: www.sellingyourtvshow.com

Industry: Online Retail
Location: South Africa
Website: www.sellingyourtvshow.com



The challenge

One of the main objectives for the website was that it needed to provide impressive and stand-out visuals while maintaining the personable feel of the “Selling Your TV Show” brand. The client wanted it to have a clear and concise layout, highlighting the services on offer with the user in mind. The visuals needed to help demonstrate the brand’s beauty in an enjoyable and enlightening way.



The solution

Web Design and Development: The site is clean and has been developed with mobile devices in mind. It utilises quality images and compelling graphics to help tell the “Selling Your TV Show” story. The page header has been designed with an eye on quality, as well as simplicity. It uses a good mix of colour and font size to set the tone for the whole site. The footer text is large enough to be legible on most devices but still small enough to not detract from the site’s navigation. Users have been given a useful menu structure to navigate by, ensuring they don’t get lost in the site.

WordPress Maintenance and Support: To help keep the website running as smooth as the day it was launched, the client insisted that I maintain the website and its infrastructure. This meant that I would have to keep everything up-to-date and running smoothly. Additionally, I was also responsible for implementing new features.


Like what you see?
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Like what you see?
Let's get started.

Like what you see? Let's get started.

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