Does web design impact the bottom line?
Give yourself an outside-in perspective by asking yourself these questions – especially if you want to know if your web design is making you money or not.


While working with my clients, I have seen that there are two distinct camps when it comes to picking the perfect website design. There are those who prefer a simple website with minimal design features while others opt for a more attractive design with highly personalised features. At the end of the day, both types of clients will have a website that represents their brand but which one of the two will impact their bottom line the most?

Here are three questions to help you find out if your website is a moneymaker.


When building a brand and communicating it through your website, it is essential to infuse credibility into the DNA of your website, as visitors only become customers when they trust the brand enough to do business with them.

According to usability.gov, they have outlined research-based guidelines that you can do to boost your website’s credibility, which include:

  • Provide a valuable set of FAQ and answers;
  • Arrange the web design logically;
  • Use references in your blogs;
  • Ensure the site looks professionally designed;
  • Ensure the site is as up-to-date as possible;
  • Provide links to outside sources and materials and
  • Ensure the website is frequently linked to by other credible sites.

Help users trust your brand. Infuse credibility throughout the website’s content.


As a website designer, I love white space, but my clients don’t, and they want to fill it most of the time. White space is often regarded as a waste of valuable screen space, but your visitors crave it as it gives them a chance to breathe while navigating your website.

When done correctly, white space reduces the bounce rate on your website and, in turn, increases the number of time visitors spend on your site. That way, it gives your brand more time to interact with the visitors and increases the likelihood of converting the visitors into paying customers.

Is your site’s design providing enough white space to your visitors where they can take in the website’s content without feeling overwhelmed? If this is the case, you need to subtlety and strategically add white space into the macro and microelements of your web design.


We know that good design is good business but good content is better business and when you combine good design with good content, you get the best business.

Good content is what sets your website apart from the masses and delivers the right message into the hearts and minds of your customers. The success of your website is determined primarily by its content. Ultimately, content wins the wallets of your customers.

To ensure that you combine web design with website content, here are three tips to consider:

  • Hire a professional copywriter: When we design websites, we always use a copywriter or journalist who is familiar with the industry of our client. We have seen it time and time again that good copy is more than words, it is the fuse that ignites visitors into actively supporting your business.
  • Use high-quality images and videos: Good content doesn’t always come in the form of words but can (and should) include videos and images. Videos provide a great way to engage visitors and drive important messages in an easy to digest format. In addition, images such as high-quality photos, illustrations, infographics and diagrams can be used to explain difficult concepts and assist visitors in their purchase decision.
  • Create a professional web design: Statistics show that your website typically has between one and five seconds to retain your website visitor. This is hardly enough time to read and process any content. This is where good web design is relevant. It creates the first impression while capturing visitors’ attention and motivating them to engage with written and visual content.

In essence, the real question isn’t if web design can make money – it is rather will it make money. You see, good design remains good business but only when you take the time to understand your industry, your competitors and your user’s preferences. To get a better idea if your website has been designed and developed in a way that makes sense to your bottom line, let’s schedule a free online consultation at a time that works for you!

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