Top 3 design trends to follow in 2022
Explore the design trends that will not only help build a better web in 2022 but will also help brands catch the attention of users in a busy and constantly changing world.


The web turned 32 in 2021 and over the last three decades it has changed our world like no other technology. It’s empowered us to build experiences we’d never have imagined. As its creator, Tim Berners-Lee said to mark its anniversary, “The web has become a public square, a library, a doctor’s office, a shop, a school, a design studio, an office, a cinema, a bank, and so much more.”


Whitespace is the blank spaces between the lines or columns of text, the areas around each visual element, and the website’s margins. While most commonly white, whitespaces can also be made up of any other background colour as long as it offers unused open spaces between design elements.

This trend is sure to dominate as it helps create a spacious and well-balanced feel among users visiting such a website. Choosing to add sufficient whitespace comes down to more than a cosmetic decision. It is a clever business decision. By incorporating whitespaces, users will digest content without feeling overwhelmed and will likely stay longer on a particular website, thereby increasing the conversion rate.

Be sure to recommend whitespaces if the web performance shows high bounce rates and short session times. Here are some examples that have used this trend to affect the UX subtly.


The minimalist design trend is about confidently and fearlessly exposing users to your brand with a less is more design approach. To balance aesthetics with functionality, minimalist web design is defined by fearless use of space, stunning visuals, striking typography and an overall focus on the content itself – and nothing else.

Such websites are easy to spot with its clean and minimal layout that centres on the idea that design is created to support content. Websites that have perfected the balancing act between aesthetics and functionality offer a UX that is engaging, insightful and memorable.

In a world of clutter and noise, help your clients stand out with a website that is attractive, minimal, simple and well-balanced as shown by these inspiring examples.


Websites are moving away from the traditional flat design to a more immersive design experience where 3D digital artwork breathes life into brands and products.

3D digital artwork will have the most impact is with brands that exclusively sell online. The 3D artwork rendering of products will help improve online sales as users get to experience the product in more detail. This design trend is expected to revolutionise the way users do their online shopping.

Essentially 3D artwork opens the doorway to reduce the barriers to online shopping as anxious online shoppers grow in confidence while experiencing and engaging with the product on more than a one-dimensional plane. Of course, 3D digital artwork as a way of creating captivating UX is not limited to online stores but can be incorporated into any brand from Coco-Cola to General Electric, as shown here.

As we step into a new decade, whitespace will be a strong contender for the hottest web design trend while the use of minimalist designs is sure to gain ground especially when paired with 3D digital artwork.

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