Did Your Client’s Website make My Top Pick for 2022?
As a designer, you aren't supposed to have favourites - but I do. See the top four websites I designed and developed in 2022 and find out if your client's website made the cut!

My favourite list for 2022 is about picking the top four websites I designed and developed last year. I have so much fun creating websites for clients, but I always have an extra special place in my heart for the ones that make me go “wow” when I’m finished, and I know you’ll agree with me once you see them too.

Here we go.


As a new mum of an 18-month-old, I’m always looking for ways to make my life as a mother more uncomplicated. So when Baby Tastes came to me last year needing a website redesign, I quickly offered my experience as a mum and web designer to the project.

From their delectable baby food choices to their beloved product mascots and exclusive brand identity, I knew a cutting-edge and streamlined website design was essential – to make the brand shine and to give busy and exhausted parents the most uncomplicated online experience. To ensure Baby Tastes stands out from the competition and provides customers with a memorable online experience, I set out to craft a user-friendly website.

The challenge of creating a user-friendly, straightforward website for Baby Tastes was no small feat. With many products, various options, and a complex buyer’s journey, making the buying process as effortless as possible was essential. To make navigating the site easier, I incorporated clear product information, sizes, prices, and helpful resources such as a FAQs section and a product finder tool. By providing these simple yet effective navigational tools, customers could quickly locate what they were looking for and complete their online purchases seamlessly.

The revamped site is not only fun and friendly to browse, but it’s also highly functional. It has been created with responsive designs, so whether you’re on a desktop or mobile, the site looks stunning and works perfectly.

Take a look at Baby Tastes for yourself.

Baby Tastes


With Dental Emporium, a Putney, London-based practice, I knew I could bring their website to life with an engaging, sophisticated, and intuitive design. My objective was to demonstrate their devotion to offering extraordinary dental care while providing users with a delightful online experience. The final product? An outstanding website that truly stands out from the rest and successfully showcases its services.

My cutting-edge website design offers Dental Emporium an ideal way to connect with potential clients, giving them a thorough comprehension of their services. Users can quickly find the information they need with its user-friendly data structure and straightforward navigation. Plus, the website is designed to be responsive, so patients can access what they need on any device, even phones and tablets! To draw attention, I created an alluring before and after image gallery that displays their expertise and proficiency.

The end result: A modern website with a professional look and captivating visuals – a reflection of this practice’s fresh take on private dental care in the hustle and bustle of London. Why not check out the website and see what you think?

Dental Emporium


Through collaboration, I was able to launch a luxurious and modern website for Jet Finance that shows off its vast portfolio and expertise in arranging luxury aircraft financing. It highlights numerous offerings, including its aviation sales services and lease management solutions.

I built a luxurious website from the ground up. Drawing on my extensive web design and development knowledge, I leveraged the stunning wireframe designs of the brilliant creatives at the design agency, Navy Creative. I tailored a content management system designed to change the content based on which device the website is viewed on.

The result was truly incredible. An exquisite visual aesthetic that encapsulates the essence of Jet Finance, with a bold visual effect and an intuitive yet sophisticated interface, is sure to make a lasting impression on its high-end customers. Simply put, the final product looks magnificent on any device, highlighting the luxury of private aviation and yachting.

Have a look at Jet Finance for yourself – you will be impressed.



Coleman Insurance Brokers provides various insurance services for businesses and private individuals, including home and car insurance, landlord insurance, and travel insurance. When they came to me to create their new website, they wanted to communicate their authoritative expertise in the industry to their target audience while showcasing their wide range of services and insurance products.

The lack of quality content and modern design on Coleman Insurance Brokers‘ existing website became increasingly apparent. Through close collaboration with the client, it became clear that they required a new, attractive online platform to captivate landlords and tenants and accurately represent their exceptional standards. Additionally, the website had to feature an exemplary service portfolio while providing helpful information to new and returning customers.

I was driven to create an ultra-modern website with a sophisticated design and an easy-to-navigate user interface to reach the desired results. The result was a stunning website with captivating visuals and informative pages, showcasing their exceptional products and establishing them as an industry leader. Even better, the website featured eye-catching buttons and CTAs, allowing customers to effortlessly get in touch with Coleman Insurance Brokers for tailored insurance quotes. But the best part? The website perfectly encapsulates the client’s commitment to extraordinary customer service.

The result – the decision is yours! Take a peek and decide for yourself.



The websites above adhere to the fundamental principles of outstanding website design, chiefly CLARITY. Not all websites must feature a minimalist design, yet all offer visitors straightforward, uncluttered information. To help my customers construct both practical and visually stunning websites, I typically recommend the following elements:

  • Consistency in typography: Ensure your brand guide is reflected in the fonts you choose. Stick with one size and weight for headers and a different one for the body text – too much variety can lead to a cluttered aesthetic.

  • Consistency in colours. Narrow your colour selection for graphic elements to five – one white, one black, and three other on-brand shades.

  • Choose images carefully: When selecting visuals for the website, ensure that the imagery reflects the company’s values (e.g., luxury brands need luxurious images) and always incorporate images of people; make sure their poses are lifelike and authentic.

  • Uncluttered layout: Minimise the amount of text, and try not to have multiple calls-to-action or an excess of information in a single webpage section.

Your client’s website should be their digital calling card, creating an unforgettable first impression on potential customers. These simple tips will ensure visitors to your client’s website have a fantastic experience.


A big “thank you” to all the Coleman Insurance Brokers customers and the other businesses mentioned for placing their trust in me to work on their website.

For all digital agency owners, web developers and website owners looking to create something extraordinary for their clients, I’m here to help you reach new heights with your project. Let’s get started and make your client’s dreams a reality – drop me a line, and let’s make it happen!

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