WP-Physio is the place for those with chronic and serious injuries to receive treatment. Using new and experimental technologies, they provide patients with speedy recovery times and effective treatments.

Industry: Healthcare             Location: South Africa               Website:



The challenge

After spending a lot of money on paid advertising, WP-Physio wanted to try a different approach. They reached out to me to find a solution to attract organic traffic. The client had a big problem: their organic traffic was relatively low compared to their closest competitors. That’s because they had some fundamental things wrong with their website. They wanted to know how to get traffic from people searching on Google.



The solution

After a thorough audit of the client’s site, I was able to get to the bottom of their issues and get a clear idea of what I needed to focus on. I spent several months refining the site architecture and boosting the topic authority of their service pages. All that work on the backend of the website finally started to pay off with a 5% improvement in their SEO score, boosting their rankings with popular search engines in South Africa. With consistent effort and attention to search engine best practices, they were able to see a 15% increase in their organic site traffic.


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