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The Casino Enquirer

Gaming enthusiasts know the Casino Enquirer is their #1 place to go for all their online casino needs. With an extensive list of online casinos and legit user reviews, they ensure gamers make informed decisions about their future casino experiences.

Industry: Entertainment             Location: Canada               Website: www.thecasinoenquirer.com



The challenge

The Casino Enquirer approached me when they realised that their website needed comprehensive maintenance support to confidently know it was doing what it was created to do without fail. With a range of business development activities going on, they needed to make sure that their website was performing to the best of its ability to attract new prospects and add value to current clients.



The solution

I placed the website on maintenance and updated all the website infrastructure, testing each update before launching to ensure it was compatible with the way the website was developed. After all the maintenance support was complete, the website was back to being the workhorse it used to be. As a bonus, Google ranks the website higher in search results because it can crawl the website more effectively. The website has a maintenance plan that allows me to offer the weekly attention it needs to stay this way.


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