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Tessara’s inventive, resourceful roots run deep. From designing the first Uvasys sheets in a kitchen to producing millions of the world’s best SO2 generating sheets, Tessara’s clients are guaranteed the best post-harvest decay protection products.

Industry: Manufacturing             Location: South Africa               Website: www.tessara.co.za

Industry: Manufacturing
Location: South Africa
Website: www.tessara.co.za



The challenge

Being a mover and shaker in the industry, Tessara needed their current website to work harder than ever before. They needed someone to take over the maintenance of the website while they focused on sharing their innovative products with their worldwide audience. They needed a partner to work alongside them, and they wanted that to be me.



The solution

I walked through the halls of the website, feeling the weight of how it had been neglected for so long. It had suffered from neglect; the framework, plugins, CMS version, and theme were all outdated, causing the website to work unreliably. Once I found the cause, I placed the website on maintenance and updated all the infrastructure, carefully testing each update before launching it. After all the maintenance support was complete, the website was back to being the workhorse it used to be.


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Like what you see?
Let's get started.

Like what you see? Let's get started.

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