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Tears Animal Rescue

Tears Animal Rescue uses its deep love for animals to provide sanctuary for homeless and neglected animals. They work together with a community of individuals and businesses to foster a partnership of better care for animals in need.

Industry: Non-Profit             Location: South Africa               Website: www.tears.org.za



The challenge

As a non-profit, Tears Animal Rescue’s primary funding source is through its website, where site visitors can purchase items from the online store. With online orders not working and not being processed, they saw a decline in their funding and reached out to me to troubleshoot the issue and provide support and maintenance to get the website back in tip-top shape.



The solution

I started by analysing the website and requesting access to the database to identify the root cause. After looking under the hood, I noticed the website needed several upgrades. One plugin required a licence renewal before the eCommerce store functionality could be restored. I also used my extensive experience as a WordPress developer to update the theme, upgrade the WooCommerce plugins, and apply mandatory fixes to the website’s coding framework. Tears Animal Rescue was so happy with my work, they decided to place the website on a maintenance plan to avoid being reactive ever again.


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