Tada Creatives
Tada Creatives regained its prominent spot on search page results by snagging its website and fixing common SEO snags that are frowned on by search engines like Google.

> Client: Tada Creatives (New Zealand)

> Services: SEO

Tada Creatives is a full-service creative network headquartered in Auckland, Cape Town and New York City.

They collaborate with a select collective of incredibly skilled creatives, strategists and marketers to give brands meaning and purpose, enabling them to tell a story that resonates with their audience.


I was lucky enough to work with New Zealand’s premier marketing agency, where I was identifying the SEO shortfalls of the website and realigning the content to better match the user search behaviour.

By realigning the website to the best practices subscribed by search engines, I was able to plug the leaking SEO holes that was causing traffic to deflect away from the website – changing the website’s SEO score from 81% to 87%.

The site now makes better of its content to suit the search behaviour of its users. Moreover, the WordPress CMS has been set up to deliver an editable and SEO optimised backend that the client can adapt to the everchanging user search behaviour, which is both scalable and future proof.

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