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Solid Ground soothes the soul with a calm, modern and fresh website that allows for easy navigation, ample white spaces and elegant font.

> Client: Solid Ground (South Africa)

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Solid Ground is a team of four experienced professionals whose aim is to provide dynamic and holistic services, including Mediation, Training, Youth Talk and Wellness.

Their offerings include counselling, family and divorce mediation services, school and youth programmes, parenting workshops and a broad range of professional talks, webinars and training courses. Between them, they have over 60+ years of experience in helping families stand stronger together.


When I think of a high-end, quality website, I immediately think of spacious, airy designs with clean-cut lines and stylised images. I tried to reflect these attributes in the design for Solid Ground – delivering beautiful page layouts to complement their calm and fresh branding. Consistency was maintained throughout the site, to keep everything on the same wavelength.

Alongside the front-end challenge of creating such a bespoke and interactive design, a lot of focus was placed on developing a fully responsive and carefully optimised website that can be viewed on every type of device – ensuring seamless usability.

As an accompaniment to the redesigned Solid Ground website, I developed a custom WordPress platform to allow the client to update and manage their website and content updates easily, with minimal effort or understanding of coding.

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