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Social Places needed a website to match its bold brand personality, which is why users will be treated to a website that has a strong emphasis on animations, hover over surprises and scroll-to-discover backgrounds.

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Social Places is a MarTech company that specialises in location-based marketing and reputation management for multi-location and franchised brands.

They offer an array of product suites structured around software that centralises reviews and customer feedback, social media and GPS listings, restaurant bookings, local store social media and targeted location based digital advertising.


I interpreted the client’s website designed by building a website that focused on movement, animations, parallax background and subtle hover-over effects.

To build on this modern outlook, I incorporated striking, interactive visuals on the website, delivering bespoke SVG animation and WebGL / jQuery effects, to give the user a positive experience and to make the site stand out.

As the interactivity is totally bespoke and hand-coded, with no reliance on bulky plugins, the user journey is only enhanced through the immersive effects presented.

With mobile visitors typically contributing almost half of the client’s previous website’ traffic, it was crucial that I developed the website with a mobile-first approach. I delivered a responsive website that dynamically adapts to any device thrown at it – with custom touch elements and details specifically designed for mobile users.

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