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Silverhurst Estate

Behind the manicured hedges of Silverhurst Estate lies an unspoiled natural environment of sprawling vistas, verdant forest, and picturesque waterways. A pastiche of designer homes dots the landscape of this hidden gem of Constantia Valley.

Industry: Real Estate               Location: South Africa               Website: www.silverhurst.org

Silverhurst Estate


The challenge

The client wanted a modern website to showcase Silverhurst Estate’s unique blend of lavish living and beautiful serene environment to new potential homeowners interested in renting or purchasing property in Constantia Valley’s favourite estate. The main goal was to create an online presence with a unique selling point that resonated with the target market.

Silverhurst Estate


The solution

The Silverhurst Estate is an example of combining powerful imagery with clean, easy-to-read and editable content along with a beautiful, custom design that is whimsical while very modern. The website was designed to be personable, luxurious and sophisticated without being overpowering or pretentious. The Silverhurst Estate makes for a stunning example of how a website does not need to be overly complex in order to be effective. Simplicity is often times better as it’s more personable, and typically gets a better response.

Silverhurst Estate

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