Sew Intimate

Sew Intimate is a dream gifting destination for anyone looking for an intimate experience. All of their clients are left stress-free with their gifts, knowing that they are beautifully wrapped and thoughtful to suit the occasion and the recipients. For brides looking for something intimate, luxurious, or heartfelt, Sew Intimate has something for them.

Industry: Retail             Location: South Africa



The challenge

Being a start-up gifting specialist, the client wanted a brand that would stand out and get noticed. They wanted the logo to be simple and not too formal, especially as their product range leans toward non-traditional gifting solutions for brides and their bridal parties. The design they wanted was clean and modern, while still being feminine.



The solution

I wanted to represent the contemporary and minimalist side of this emerging brand, so I used a creative and simplistic typeface to add an air of sophistication and used calming and complementary colours to offer a calming and reflective experience. I designed an interface that complemented the brand’s concept and took a careful and considered approach to ensure the final product was to the client’s liking. From the moment their customer approaches the brand for the first time, they will be able to tell that it is a creative and modern brand.


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