Meet RebelRebel, a dynamic business with a penchant for shaking up the advertising industry. Their mission? To supercharge campaign performance through creative innovation. RebelRebel is the bridge between trailblazing ad tech companies striving to enhance the online advertising experience and global brands and agencies eager to run high-performing campaigns. Their extensive experience, sharp minds, and a knack for innovation have made them a key player in the industry. But there was a catch: Despite their expertise, they lacked a substantial online presence.

My challenge? To create a website that would not just turn heads but also drive RebelRebel’s mission forward.

Industry: Marketing              Location: South Africa               Website: rebelrebel.digital

Industry: Marketing
Location: South Africa
Website: rebelrebel.digital

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The challenge

RebelRebel, the go-to team for groundbreaking advertising campaigns, had a notable absence in the digital realm. With their vision of revolutionising the advertising industry, they needed a robust online platform to showcase their expertise, connect with potential partners, and highlight their successful campaigns.

The challenge was clear: I had to translate Suckerpunch’s ingenious designs into a user-friendly, responsive website on WordPress, ensuring it worked seamlessly on desktop, tablet, and mobile devices. Moreover, the website had to be easy for RebelRebel’s own team to manage, update, and keep fresh – all while making waves and getting noticed.

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The solution

To meet RebelRebel’s need for an impressive online presence, I embarked on a journey to turn their design dreams into a digital reality. Here’s how I did it:

  • Translating Design into Code: I took Suckerpunch’s visionary designs and transformed them into a responsive WordPress website. The design elements, carefully crafted to convey RebelRebel’s creative edge, were faithfully replicated to capture the essence of their brand.
  • User-Friendly Page Builder: Recognising the need for easy content updates, I integrated a user-friendly page builder. This tool empowered RebelRebel’s team to effortlessly modify, add, and update content, ensuring their website always remained fresh and engaging.
  • Optimized for All Devices: I meticulously optimised the website to be responsive on desktop, tablet, and mobile devices. Now, no matter where their audience accessed the site, they would be greeted with a seamless and engaging experience.
  • A Touch of RebelCheek: In line with RebelRebel’s personality, I infused a hint of cheekiness into the development with fun animation. This added a unique and captivating element, making the website more memorable for visitors.

The end result?

A website that not only made waves but created a digital revolution for RebelRebel. It amplified their presence in the advertising industry, helped attract new partners, and showcased their impressive campaign portfolio. Plus, with the user-friendly page builder, keeping their site up to date became a breeze.

RebelRebel was no longer a hidden gem – it was a shining star in the advertising galaxy.

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Like what you see?
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