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Olli & Rose

With an eye for everyday elegance, Olli & Rose focus on contemporary mom and baby styles with a touch of unique flair. This fantastic brand has everything from stylish leather essentials to chic home décor.

Industry: Fashion & Online Retail              Location: South Africa               Website: www.olliandrose.co.za



The challenge

I focused on creating a website with a darker colour palette that would align with the client’s moody images. By perfecting the eCommerce experience, I ensured that the simplicity and elegance of the client’s brand were accurately represented. I also aligned the content to best practice SEO and streamlined the checkout process to make it more efficient and user-friendly.



The solution

Taking the lead from their moody images, I created a website with a darker colour palette focusing on clarity and style. To help improve the user journey through the eCommerce site, I repurposed the content and aligned it to best practice SEO while at the same time streamlining and simplifying the checkout into a higher converting 2-step online ordering process. When it came to the eCommerce experience, I wanted to ensure that my client’s brand was perfectly represented.

Olli & Rose

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