Nyansa is an accounting and auditing consultancy firm known by its clients in Ghana and South Africa for out-of-the-box financial solutions that protect the bottom line.

Industry: Financial             Location: Ghana and South Africa               Website: www.nyansa-africa.com

Industry: Financial
Location: Ghana and South Africa
Website: www.nyansa-africa.com



The challenge

The financial market may seem like a place for old guys in suits but Nyansa-Africa wanted to challenge this stereotype and bring in a young, fresh and modern vibe to the financial market. To do this they commissioned me to redesign their brand and the website. The aim was to attract, engage and inform the younger audience of financial products that might be relevant to them.



The solution

Branding: I took the main idea of “Banking with an African twist” and created a strong visual identity to match the message. Using the African symbol for wisdom, I incorporated it into the logo design while adding a youthful feel that would appeal to a new generation.

SEO: To understand user search engine behaviour and provide relatable content with the client’s Ghanian and South African consumers, the words and phrases that they use were put under the microscope to create content that resonated with them. The end result was a well-balanced and user-friendly website that was SEO friendly, with the ability to provide timely user insights.

Website Design and Development: While taking cues from the new logo, market research, and design styling sessions with the client, I used my expertise to create a dynamic and user-friendly website that highlighted the client’s unique voice. I created a fun colour palette for the site and the logo, based on the feedback from focus groups. I then added the client’s unique design elements to highlight the personality of their services, which was key to creating a website that sells. The new site improved the overall user experience by focusing on the look, feel, and content of the site.


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Like what you see?
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