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mycubbyonline is a great web-based app for keeping track of your vehicle. It keeps all of your service and service history documents in one place and is always available for you to access at any time.

Industry: Vehicle             Location: South Africa



The challenge

With a new to the world idea, the client needed a clean, crisp website that showcased their service in a fresh and captivating way. They needed a website that would allow users to explore their site for information, encourage people to interact with each other, and help form relationships with the movers and shakers in their industry.



The solution

The client’s branding made use of contrasting white, black and yellow colours so I looked to incorporate it into the site alongside their bespoke font face. The website features a clean, simple design with a strong colour theme and prominent imagery to reflect the brand. Using the same brand palette, I developed a customised website design. The website is an integral part of the overall branding, so I worked closely with the client to ensure it continued their brand identity and enabled them to communicate with their target audience effectively.


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