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mycubbyonline is all about innovative ideas and with a custom designed website and bespoke web-based app to match, user sign-ups are growing with each click to the website.

> Client: mycubbyonline (South Africa)

> Services: App development, Web design, Web development and SEO

mycubbyonline turns your vehicle cubbyhole into a highly organised virtual administration storage system.

This web-based app platform offers clients a place to keep an up-to-date track record of vehicle administration documents such as service receipts, maintenance plans, logbooks and vehicle registration documents.


mycubbyonline wanted their website to be big, bold and impactful – to match their first-to-market service. Their branding made use of contrasting white, black and yellow colours so I looked to incorporate it into the site alongside their bespoke font face.

They also had a number of high-quality, professional photographs, so I used those throughout the site as an integral part of the design while keeping their large and bold visual aesthetic at the forefront.

The supporting web-based app where users can load and manage their respective vehicles’ details was designed and developed to have an easy user interface, be dummy-proof and drive longterm membership among car enthusiasts.

This dynamic duo (i.e., the website and the web-based app) is a great reflection of the brand’s attitude while helping drive interest and membership sign-ups.

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