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My Bro Tie

My Bro Tie is Sweden’s go-to fashion house offering a more casual alternative to a standard tie. Taking a simpler, more minimalist approach to design, My Bro Tie embraces a range of styles, from sleek and chic to rugged and masculine.

Industry: Textiles and Online Retail              Location: Sweden               Website: www.mybrotie.com



The challenge

After My Bro Tie received complaints from site visitors unable to checkout orders, the client desperately reached out to me to assess what had gone wrong on his e-commerce site. He told me that he could no longer process orders, which resulted in e-commerce orders piling up.



The solution

After a quick evaluation of the site using my WordPress Plugin Performance Analyser, I discovered more than 20 plugins and third-party applications installed on the client’s website. On top of this, the code written on the website by the previous developer was no longer compatible with the latest version of WordPress. To fix this, I uninstalled all the unnecessary plugins and replaced the broken code with best practice code that was adaptable to future WordPress version releases.


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