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Jaime James

Jaime James is the next step in ensuring that your financials remain intact and that you can focus on what really matters. As a trusted advisor, Jaime James provides financial mapping, advice and ongoing support including facilitating insurance claims, policy servicing and reviews.

Industry: Financial              Location: New Zealand               Website: www.jaimejames.com



The challenge

Filled with neglect, many of the key features on the website were not working properly on the site, the speed was too slow, the call-to-action buttons were glitchy, and there was even missing content. Jaime James knew they needed to find a solution to fix the website before the whole thing fell apart, and that’s when they reached out for website maintenance and support.



The solution

After a week of auditing the site to identify the cause of the issues, I restored the website to a fully functional state. I upgraded the WordPress version, installed security software to protect site visitors, and replaced out of commission plugins with premium WordPress approved plugins. I also improved the navigation system, made the site faster and more user-friendly. After the upgrades, the website saw significant growth in traffic and revenue.


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