Independent Compliance Services

As the only registered compliance practice with the Financial Sector Conduct Authority, the Independent Compliance Service offers specialist outsourced compliance solutions and risk management services to Category I, II and IIA Hedge Fund financial services providers in South Africa.

Industry: Financial              Location: South Africa               Website: www.complianceservices.co.za

Industry: Financial
Location: South Africa
Website: www.complianceservices.co.za



The challenge

A main issue with the company’s branding was that it was very corporate, stale-looking, and unapproachable, which would never attract the attention of major players. To gain more traction, the company needed to find a way to use bold branding that still maintained the professional and knowledgeable branding that was their unique selling point.



The solution

To help the client become more approachable, I decided to create an abstract logo that is both whimsical and strong. Taking the first letters of their brand name and using the spatial protocol, I created a flat lay style logo that challenges the stuffy suit perception that exists within the client’s industry. This approachable style allows the client to build trust with prospective partners and clients.


Like what you see?
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Like what you see?
Let's get started.

Like what you see? Let's get started.

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