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GeT Alloys

GeT Alloys is a leading aluminium foundry and secondary aluminium smelter in South Africa, producing a wide range of high-quality aluminium ingots for local and international clients in various indutries.

Industry: Manufacturing              Location: South Africa               Website: www.getalloys.co.za



The challenge

In an effort to escape the concrete quagmire it found itself entrapped in, GeT Alloys sought a way to escape the cul-de-sac of its brick and mortar operation. The client knew there was potential outside its storefront and they needed a website to tap into these markets.



The solution

Targeting the higher end of the aluminium ingot market, I created a site that captured the essence of understated sophistication. Concepting, coordinating and combining custom photography with minimalistic user journey touchpoints, I developed a holistic website that pulled the best of their brick and mortar store into a seamless online space.


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