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Dr Peter O’Farrell

Dr O’Farrell is a determined hand surgeon devoted to achieving a fulfilling and successful career as a world-renowned orthopaedic surgeon who treats patients with injuries in the hand, wrist, elbow and shoulder.

Industry: Healthcare               Location: South Africa               Website:



The challenge

Lacking the bold, striking feel of a slick design, Dr Peter O’Farrell’s old site was an overcomplicated mess of lacklustre design. It had uninspired navigation, a mix of copy and an inflexible design that was costing him organic traffic.



The solution

Web Design and Development: I shaped a multi-page website with a strong Scandinavian design aesthetic. Constructed with a fully responsive design and a practical backend to ease editing, I armed Dr O’Farrell with a holistically functional digital solution that he can use to grow brand awareness and brand affinity with local and international patients.

SEO: To ensure the website caught the target market’s attention, I conducted a deep dive into their target market’s search behaviour. This insight was shared with the copywriter who created content that left site visitors salivating. The website was then rolled out, and the results are nothing short of amazing, with over a 5.5% increase in organic traffic in the first four months.


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