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Dr Peter O’Farrell

Dr Peter O’Farrell caught the attention of a younger market with a user-centric website design that echoes his target market’s fun-loving and personable nature.

> Client: Dr Peter O’Farrell (South Africa)

> Services: Web design, Web development and SEO

Dr O’Farrell is an orthopaedic surgeon with an interest in hand and upper limb surgery. As a specialist in Worcester – Cape Town, Dr O’Farrell works alongside esteemed colleagues from South Africa as well as from abroad, allowing him to deepen his expertise within his speciality.

As a practising surgeon, he has dedicated his life to solving hand and arm healthcare issues using the latest surgical and non-surgical strategies.


Making use of blues and greens often associated with the medical profession, I designed a clean and white-space based layout for Dr Peter O’Farrell. I wanted it to look modern and engaging while maintaining a professional feel to avoid being overbearing on the user.

Use of doodle-like images, allowed the website to break the mould associated with healthcare websites while offering a fresh feel to help keep the user engaged.

Because the website needed to act as a portfolio to direct users to the doctor’s room, it was important that there was a clear path for the user to follow. I laid out each page in a way to make this process very straightforward, with different sections, inviting the user to read more about the doctor and his medical expertise.

Developing the website on a WordPress CMS was the preferred option to ensure that the doctor and his team were able to update and manage the content and imagery on the website.

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