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Dr Duncan McGuire

Dr Duncan McGuire expanded his market with a fresh and modern website design that is search optimised to mimic user search behaviour and convert with minimal user frustration.

> Client: Dr Duncan McGuire (South Africa)

> Services: Web design, Web development and SEO

Dr Duncan McGuire strives to offer individualised expert care, utilising the latest evidence-based treatment methods.

He has helped countless patients claim back quality of life with his expertise, by providing his patients with the best possible medical care within both the private and public healthcare sectors.


Branding: The fresh brand was inspired and created to help attract a younger demographic to the website that is fresh and modern – improving user engagement as a result.

Website: Dr Duncan McGuire’s website is very much content-focused, so we had to ensure that we placed the information at the forefront of the design, without sacrificing the clean modern ‘feel’ he was after and keeping some subtle effects to improve user engagement. Using text toggles and subtle animations, I was able to create a website that presented large volumes of medical information in a non-intimating way – preventing users from feeling overwhelmed. sDr Ducan McGuire received a website that was fully tested across a wide range of devices to ensure no outstanding bugs or compatibility issues. The website was also SEO and performance optimised to minimise loading times and maximise visibility.

Eclipse Digital Marketing Agency - Dr Duncan McGuire

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Eclipse Digital Marketing Agency - Dr Duncan McGuire (Home)
Eclipse Digital Marketing Agency - Dr Duncan McGuire (Home)
Eclipse Digital Marketing Agency - Dr Duncan McGuire (Home)
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