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Dr Duncan McGuire

Dr Duncan McGuire helps countless patients claim back quality of life with his expertise, by providing patients with the best possible medical care within both the private and public healthcare industries.

Industry: Healthcare               Location: South Africa               Website:



The challenge

The bland copy, confusing navigation and outdated aesthetics bogged down the web design on Dr Duncan McGuire’s previous website. This contributed to a poor user interface that interfered with and aggravated the user experience.



The solution

Web Design and Development: The rough layout evolved into a clean design with energetic pops of colour. To ensure Dr Duncan McGuire’s patients recognised the level of care and attention they could expect, I carefully matched each visual to match the client’s brand identity and brand message.

SEO: Knowing the importance of ranking high on Google, I analysed the search queries that were most relevant to the client’s website. I wrote out the questions in great detail, noting their frequency and relevancy. To produce high-quality content for the new website, I researched what users like to see on pages they visit. Aligning my finding to the the content  ensured the site was optimised for both human and search engine visitors.


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