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Dental Emporium

Dental Emporium, London’s trusted private dental practice, offers patients the latest cutting-edge dental care. With experienced and qualified dentists, Dental Emporium provides a wide range of dental services to meet the needs of every patient.

Industry: Healthcare               Location: England               Website: www.dentalemporium.co.uk

Industry: Healthcare
Location: England
Website: www.dentalemporium.co.uk

Dental Emporium


The challenge

After recently changing its name from Gentle Dental to Dental Emporium, the client needed a website that communicated the change in name, vision and ethos. The new website needed to be modern, sleek and professional to reflect the new identity of the business. The website needed to convey the message that the company is still the leading provider of dental services, despite the name change.

Dental Emporium


The solution

SEO: To improve the website’s ranking and help it attract more users, I performed in-depth research to understand its target market’s behaviour on search engines. Using the insights from the data, I put together an on-page SEO strategy that guided the copywriter in creating content that aligned with the target market’s searches. As a result, the website’s ranking improved, helping it attract more users.

Web Design and Development: I designed a minimalistic website, welcoming users with an intuitive and aesthetically pleasing user interface – the website’s vivid photography and embedded videos. Simple hover animations and parallax effects further enhance the design. The website is fully responsive and optimised for SEO to ensure that the client’s services are easily accessible on all digital devices. The result was a modern, minimalist, easy-to-use website that effectively showcases the client’s expertise in premium dental care.

Dental Emporium

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Like what you see?
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