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CTA Project Management

CTA Project Management increased its membership sign-ups by investing in a web design layout that echoed its brand essence and reverberated its brand value to its users.

> Client: CTA Project Management (South Africa)

> Services: Web design and Web development

CTA Project Management is a project management consultancy whose mission is to resolve their clients’ business needs – rapidly and effectively through measurable business improvement delivery.

Their core focus lies in offering professional and credible consulting and business insight that offers clients what they need to grow and flourish in the economic sector.


The goal of the CTA Management website was to attract businesses, entrepreneurs and high-level professionals who need specialised business services.

To achieve this and help keep the leads specific, the design of each page was csreated to showcase key aspects and unique selling points available to international and local businesses, with modern animation and effects to deliver an interactive and informative user experience. I also worked closely with the CTA Management team, to ensure adherence to the brand and quality guidelines.

The backend of the website allows the client to easily amend content throughout every part of the website and even amend animations and styling without having to write any code, giving them a huge amount of flexibility.

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