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Coleman Insurance Brokers

Coleman Insurance Brokers has over 111 years of experience in the commercial and domestic insurance industries. They are stalwarts in guiding their clients on the best way to protect themselves. Coleman also provides specialist services to the business sector and has access to some of the most competitive policies in the insurance market.

Industry: Insurance              Location: South Africa               Website: www.colemaninsurance.co.za

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The challenge

After launching its fresh, calm and relaxed brand, it needed a website that echoed the beach vibes while still affirming and communicating the professionalism, credibility and trust that the brand stands for. To achieve this, Coleman Insurance Brokers approached asked me to design a bespoke website that reflected their new brand without compromising on their years of experience and expertise.

Coleman Insurance Brokers also needed a website that could integrate with their bespoke CRM, which I designed and developed for them.

Baby Tastes


The solution

To help maintain the credibility of the brand, I focused on creating a website with a clean layout. To achieve the style the client was after, I opted to go for full-screen images with cool tones. This helped not only add a new sense to the site but also set the style of a trusted brand with a  modern yet trusted perspective.

With the use of colour psychology, I concentrated on using the darker blue from their brand guidelines on the various pages to reinforce security, knowledge, power and integrity. Mixing modern imagery with dark blue colouring, I ensured the website would safeguard the brand’s credibility while allowing it to enter a new generation.

Baby Tastes

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