Col’Cacchio Pizzeria

Col’Cacchio Pizzeria offers an experience for anyone with a craving for pizza, pasta, and salads. The restaurant has been around for the last 28 years and has been dedicated to bringing delicious pizza and Italian cuisine to South Africa.

Industry: Food and Beverage               Location: South Africa               Website:



The challenge

Col’Cacchio Pizzeria was upset with the recent promotion of its competitors to Page 1 for so many of its keywords. They never wanted to worry about their website not appearing high enough on the first page of search results, or that the website would be excluded from higher rankings due to missed content trends. Bored of appearing on Page 2 or 3, Col’Cacchio Pizzeria reached out to me to help align the site’s content to user search behaviour.



The solution

Since researching the target market’s search behaviour, I discovered an opportunity to improve the website’s search engine rankings and boost conversions. Using a customised SEO On-Page Strategy, I optimised the pages, magnetising them to users with the highest potential to support Col’Cacchio Pizzeria. With the website now offering content that mimics its users’ search behaviour, Col’Cacchio Pizzeria has driven qualified traffic that converts online and in-store nationwide.


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