Cloudbox shifted its website content and realigned its SEO strategy to dominate on search engines and attract highly profitable users who convert with minimal effort.

Cloudbox is a U.K. based company with a highly experienced team whose mission is to help clients work smarter through innovative IT solutions.

They provide business in South Africa and the U.K with cloud-based solutions to operate more efficiently and effectively, despite the geographic and operational barriers that may exist.

> Client: Clouldbox (England)

> Services: SEO

Eclipse Digital Marketing Agency - Cloudbox Tech


In order to boost the number of visitors from search engines, I had to find out what people were actually searching for. I conducted regular keyword research to find the exact wording of the search queries relevant to the client’s website, ensuring I attracted the site’s target audience.

With this information, I then put together a personalised on-page SEO strategy to align the page content to the identified keywords that mimicked what users were searching for online.

I then used my expertise in SEO snagging to snag the client’s websites to identify SEO weak points that compromise its search page position. After successful SEO snagging, the website saw an increase in website traffic due to its SEO score being improved by over 15% – causing search engines to favour it as an option for search results.


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