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Chalk-Air WC

What started as a small family business over 30 years ago, has now grown into the go-to equipment hire business in South Africa. With excellent customer service always in mind, the team at Chalk-Air WC make sure that customers are well catered for.

Industry: Construction               Location: South Africa               Website:



The challenge

The client needed to extend its market footprint into the Western Cape. They approached me to get inside the mind of their most profitable customers through user search behaviour research. They then asked me to design a beautifully optimised website for maximised organic traffic using the insight. This was an interesting project as it pushed my boundaries of usability and user interaction.



The solution

Web Design and Development: I created a site that didn’t follow any preconceived notions about what it should look like, but allowed the custom design to be shaped by the company’s goals and organizational values. To create the design, I researched the organization’s goals and created a layout that would give their site a modern, professional look. To make sure the site is easy to find, I developed an SEO strategy that gives insight into user search behaviour and drives content development.

SEO: I conducted user search behaviour to determine the search trends of their most profitable target market. Sharing this insight with the copywriter, he authored content that resonated with the target market and increased the likelihood to convert. Using user search behaviour, we wrote engaging content that increased target market conversion by 7.1%.


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