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Dedicated to those looking to lead from the top of the social networking game, Black Marketing offers a fully-managed tailored service to the Asian client who needs to grow their brand through LinkedIn marketing and personal branding.

Industry: Marketing and PR              Location: England               Website:



The challenge

A new website that communicated the client’s expertise in addressing prevalent health and safety issues in the private and public industry was needed as the country came to grips with the effect of COVID-19 on the economy, businesses and laymen.



The solution

Web Design and Development:After researching the client’s search engine behaviour, a rockstar themed website was designed to echo their no-nonsense approach to growing their clients’ businesses through innovative LinkedIn marketing strategies.

SEO:Layering the website design to best practice SEO, helped Black Marketing improve its domain authority, attracted more qualified leads and stake its place on page one of Google. Black Marketing is also #1 on Google for its most important keywords, helping the company to get more visits from their existing customers, as well as drawing new customers to the brand.


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