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Bearfish Strategic Services

Bearfish Strategic Services recaptured its brand essence with a redesigned website that included high-quality images, animations, parallax backgrounds and hover-over effects.

> Client: Bearfish Strategic Services (South Africa)

> Services: Web design, Web development and SEO

Bearfish Strategic Services is a multi-service consulting company based in Cape Town. While they specialise in the transport, safety and health sectors, their diverse team has experience in numerous fields, in both the private and public sectors.

They passionate about delivering evidence-driven strategic solutions that make a real difference, both to their clients and to society at large.


The website was developed on WordPress, which allows the Bearfish Strategic Services team to manage the website’s content, creating new content within the same design and to the same interactive standard, without the need of any coding knowledge.

The redeveloped website uses animations, parallax background – coupled with high quality images to give visitors a first impression they will remember. Combined with the UI and UX web development, the new website offers a platform that is both visually striking and easy to use for potential clients.

The website, as with all my clients’ sites, is fully responsive and works seamlessly across all devices, from projectors to monitors, to phones and tablets – ensuring that no users will be turned away by a buggy or unattractive system.

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