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Baby Tastes

Introducing Baby Tastes – the online store for healthy, organic and delicious first foods! With Baby Tastes, you can be sure that you’re giving your baby the best start to a healthy and delicious solid food journey!

Industry: Baby Food               Location: South Africa               Website: www.babytastes.co.za

Industry: Baby Food
Location: South Africa
Website: www.babytastes.co.za

Baby Tastes


The challenge

Baby Tastes needed a fresh, updated website that would appeal to moms and dads exploring new flavour combinations for their babies’ tiny tummies. With a decline in user engagement, the client’s main requirement was for me to realign their content to user search behaviour and infuse the findings into a design that would tantalise the taste buds.

Baby Tastes


The solution

Web Design and Development: I created a user-friendly website with a fully customised eCommerce store, an easy to use online payment system, and an integrated newsletter sign-up to engage clients and keep them informed of upcoming product launches and news in the industry. The site was built with WordPress, a content management system that allows the client to update and change the site themselves. The site is responsive and adapts to different screen sizes so that it can be easily viewed on any device. I also built custom landing pages for each product category, so they can send traffic to these landing pages based on the weaning stage the target market is in. This makes it very easy for them to qualify the visitor and then provide the appropriate content – if they’re a newborn’s parent, give them advice on feeding their baby. If they have a toddler eating solid foods, give them recipes and tips on what to feed them—all to provide a seamless UX that supports high conversions.

SEO: To rank higher from the first day, thorough research into user search behaviour was carried out at the project’s outset. I identified insightful trends in the target market’s buying behaviour that I used to optimise the website content to make it more relatable. This gave the website a higher ranking for the most relevant keywords that would generate targeted traffic. The following are some of the key areas I focused on:

  • The types of searches being made
  • The location of the searchers
  • The devices being used
  • The time of day the searches are being made
  • The search engines being used
  • The keywords being used

I utilised several on-page SEO techniques to improve the website’s ranking further. This included optimising the title tags, meta descriptions, header tags and images.

Once the website was signed-off for launch, the real work started! I implemented Google’s checklist to ensure the domain change would have as little impact as possible on their current SERPs rank – and it paid off with them still maintaining their current ranking position. The website’s internal search has also been improved – and while this is not visible to Google, it makes a real difference to their customers.

Check out Baby Tastes today and explore a whole new world of flavour.

Baby Tastes

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