Athletic Recovery Centre

Athletic Recovery Centre used technical SEO snagging to improve its search engine position and attract users with a higher potential to convert.

> Client: Athletic Recovery Centre (South Africa)

> Services: SEO

The Athletic Recovery Centre assist professional athletes in recovering from an intense training session by providing them access to techniques, technologies and equipment needed by sports professionals for post-training recovery.


First, I conducted a thorough SEO Audit Report, using search engine best practices to support my recommendations on how to best optimise their website and improve its structure.

After identifying the SEO weak points and snags, I implemented the technical SEO, on the backend of the website – boosting their rankings with popular search engines in South Africa.

With consistent effort and attention to search engine best practices, the client’s website was able to improve its SEO score from 73% to 85% – increasing website traffic and conversions with users who are more likely to convert.

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