Athletic Recovery Centre

Athletic Recovery Centre is a post-training recovery centre for athletes and sports pros that offers medically proven techniques and technologies to assist athletes and sports pros with post-training recovery. The centre offers a wide range of expert services including massage, physiotherapy, movement screenings, exercise physiology, nutrition and diet analysis, acupuncture, psychology and more.

Industry: Healthcare               Location: South Africa               Website:



The challenge

As a well-known brand among peers, the client wanted to expand its market footprint by attracting new organic traffic to the website. The brand also wanted to capture more customer information through the website and increase its conversion rate. In addition, the client wanted to achieve a higher ranking for its key search terms and win more natural traffic from Google.



The solution

No time to waste, I got started right away and started doing keyword research to determine what people were looking for when they search for what his business does. I used Google Adwords’ Keyword Tool to identify which keywords would be a good fit for his business. I then worked to create and implement an On-Page SEO Strategy to realign the website content to what users were searching online. By doing this, the website would be more relevant to people searching for it.


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