The Central

The Central is the newest, largest, and most fashionable conference and event space in London. It offers a classy, comfortable atmosphere with more than enough space for small, private events to lavish, prestigious gatherings.

Industry: Entertainment             Location: England               Website: www.functions.thecentral.london

Industry: Entertainment
Location: England
Website: www.functions.thecentral.london



The challenge

The Central needed to run multiple Google Ad campaigns, but before they could proceed, they needed a landing page designed and optimised for conversions. In addition to this, they also needed to have a number of forms designed and integrated with their sales team, so that any leads generated could be easily tracked and stored. The client wanted to utilise their existing design assets and brand to give the landing page a consistent look and feel to their corporate website.



The solution

Utilising my innate knowledge of front-end development, the site features a sleek layout and user-friendly features. In addition to improving the conversion rate by making it easier for users to find all of the critical information, I focused on creating a landing page more appealing by utilising attention-grabbing animations and user-friendly functional micro-interactions points. Throughout each process, I have made sure to understand all the key elements that make up the brand, the tone and ethos behind the brand and how this could be reflected in the design and user experience.


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Like what you see?
Let's get started.

Like what you see? Let's get started.

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