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Stimela Marine and General
Stimela Marine and General finds its place in the market with a creative website design that captures the attention of its prominent B2B stakeholders.

> Client: Stimela Marine and General (South Africa)

> Services: Web design and Web development

Stimela Marine and General provides marine cargo and transport surveying and consulting services with a difference. Their continued commitment to providing high-quality service to all their clients is how they have maintained a professional reputation in the market since 1999.

Known for their people-first approach to business, Stimela Marine and General offer tailor-made services to suit every clients’ individual needs.


Stimela Marine and General’s website, having previously been built on a WordPress website builder, was cumbersome to edit and update, and also resulted in slower loading times – turning away potential clients and opportunities.

Taking this in mind, the website was intelligently redesigned on a custom-built theme on the WordPress CMS to allow for the extra flexibility and scalability. Adding to this, the redesign prioritised the user’s journey throughout the site. Clear CTAs were incorporated into a simplistic and modern layout, whilst unique interactive effects help to boost user engagement.

The tailored design and improved user flow, allows potential clients to be guided intelligently throughout the site, resulting in an outstanding increase in the number of contact enquiries received.

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