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With a bespoke brand and fully customised website, Mediwrench extends its local reach and is now able to share its clinical engineering expertise and services with the national healthcare industry.

> Client: Mediwrench (South Africa)

> Services: Branding, Web design and Web development

Mediwrench is a medical equipment repairs and maintenance company that placs great importance on its service excellence, knowledge and professionalism when working with their clients in high-risk and life-dependent situations within the healthcare.


Brand: As a new medical equipment repairs and maintenance company, the client was looking to establish its presence in the healthcare industry with a brand the echoed confidence, expertise and a hint of playfulness. The shades of blue portray stability and wisdom while the yellow speaks of creativity and hope. To entrench the expertise behind the brand, I designed different icons and illustrations to add an inviting and creative visual aesthetic to the website design.

Website: The client needed a website design that was the background to their brand ideals while at the same time visually impactful and fully optimised for a seamless customer journey. They also required animation and motion throughout the site to echo the playfulness of the brand, which I achieved with hand-coded hover-overs, scroll effects and transition effects of key images throughout the hot zones of website. The new site has been rolled out and has been greatly received so far. More customers have been drawn to the site as a result of the striking visual appearance and mobile responsive design.

Eclipse Digital Marketing Agency - Mediwrench Mock-up

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Brand Guidelines + Moodboard

Eclipse Digital Marketing Agency - Mediwrench Brand Board (Final)

Home Page

Eclipse Digital Marketing Agency - Mediwrench (Homepage)

Services Page

Eclipse Digital Marketing Agency - Mediwrench (Services)
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