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Just Silas
International voice-over artist who was looking to generate new leads in the corporate and e-learning sectors with the aid of PPC Google Ads.

> Client: Just Silas (South Africa)

> Services: Google Ads

Silas Lekgoathi is an accomplished Voice Actor and Just Silas is a trusted brand, having worked with the likes of Burger King, Renault and Vodacom, to name but a few.

Silas operates from his own studio, and meets with clients online at times which suits them in their local time zone, which brings about obvious cost and time saving benefits.


With a website we designed, Just Silas wanted to attract corporate clients to book his voice acting services and he needed our help to do it.

As with any other paid search advertising platform, the difference between mediocre and amazing results all start with targeting the right keywords. Having used our proprietary methods and formulas to identify and select the correct selection of keywords, the various campaigns, ad groups and ads were created and launched.

The campaigns performed admirably, generating solid leads and large amounts of website traffic from potential new clients throughout Southern Africa, as this was the main target location.

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