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Eclipse Digital Marketing Agency - Dr Crispin Thompson Portfolio
Eclipse Digital Marketing Agency - Dr Crispin Thompson Portfolio
Eclipse Digital Marketing Agency - Dr Crispin Thompson Portfolio

Client: Dr Crispin Thompson
Location: Cape Town, South Africa
Industry: Private Healthcare
Date: December 2020

Our Solutions: 

Website Redesign

UX Design

Web Development

SEO Strategy

Web Hosting



Youtube Intergration

Potrait Photoshoot


Dr Crispin Thompson is a specialist spinal neurosurgeon. He studied in Durban, Cape Town and the United Kingdom and has accumulated experience in the management of complex spine pathology, including degenerative spinal conditions, the trauma of the spinal column and spinal cord, infections of the spine and tumours of the spinal column and spinal cord.

With the rise of patients seeking medical services by way of searching online, Dr Thompson wanted to create a website that established his online footprint. In doing so, he wanted to have a clearly branded website that clearly communicated both his professional nature and his superior medical experience. In response to the client’s brief, a simplistic website design was developed to clearly communicate both the brand and the professional medical care available at the medical practice.

The website was designed with two main colours to help emulate a clean design white emphasis was placed on easy to understand wording, eye-catching illustrations and information videos. The media chosen served to improve the credibility of the doctor in order to improve the respective pages’ conversion potential.

To help create context and a human connection between the doctor and potential patients, a professional photo shoot was carried out. By combining these photos with embedded YouTube videos,  compelling patient testimonials and optimally placed CTA buttons with high-contrast colours, the website was further optimised for conversion.


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SSL Certifcate

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Google Maps

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social media


Our team handled all parts of the launch – from setting the site up on it’s hosting provider, to pointing the domain and taking care of best practices for SEO for redesigned websites.

We are very proud of the thoughtful UX and seamless build of this website. Our highly skilled designers and developers were able to create designs that met all the goals set out during our discovery meeting. Our SEO specialists developed a market-relevant SEO strategy that ensures the website is quickly and easily found across all search engine platforms With their new website that quickly and easily allows prospective clients to build a high level of trust, Dr Thompson has been incredibly pleased with the feedback from patients and it shows through the increased amounts being scheduled online with the practice.

Minimalist website design
Embedded visual media
Optimised for improved search engine results
Attention-grabbing call-to-action buttons
Easy to understand wording for complex medical information
Well-organised navigation
A modern-looking layout



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